Aufbau Aufstand der Dinge
(Day 2 of 7: filling the boxes)

Here you can see the world – and us creating it. Together with our friend Jim Avignon we’re currently putting together a mountain of cardboard-boxes and a real lot of fancy electronic gadgets (including 15 servo motors, 2 wiimotes, 2 arduinos, an old cash-receipt-printer (which tickers twitter), a tikitag-RFID-Reader, an old Atari-Joystick, a gembird switchable power-bar and much, much more.)

In the end there will be a controllable world-map (11 x 3-meters) and an arty ehibition called “Der Aufstand der Dinge” in SAKAMOTOcontemporary Gallery, Oranienstr. 164, Berlin-Kreuzberg. Its obviously about things and tools regaining control and theres more info in german on the gallerys site.

This is by far the biggest thing we’ve ever build. We’re hoping to be finished till the opening on saturday (18pm) – and to find some time to tell you more about the technical side of the project. Hopefully we also get our webcam running as soon as possible.

3 Responses to “Building “Aufstand der Dinge””

  1. Tine

    Good Luck !

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  3. obsers

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