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the one-hour laserbeamer

Januar 3rd, 2009


Last month Kaspar put a cheap laser-pointer onto two servos and programmed a driver for it within one hour. This way he can paint pictures on the wall. Disatvantage: they can only be seen through a long exposed cameras lens as it takes about one minute to paint all the pixels.

Anyway the small laserbeamer was first uploaded on flickr and quickly mentioned on Hack a Day where many people posted their comments and suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

Here is a deeper technical description:

it consits of a 5v laser module and two servo motors hold together by cable straps and is controlled trough a pololu serial 8-bit servo controller by some python code.
the laser module is simply switched trough the serial ports DTR line, that gives pulses as fast as the serial connection speed.

Let us know if you’re interested in the Sourcecode. And: Next time we’re going to post things like this on Metzwerk first. Promise.